The Soo

What can we say about Sault Ste. Marie? First off, it’s “The Soo” (It’s just easier that way). We go to camp, not to the cottage, and we get there in under an hour. No traffic. We work hard, and play harder. Our pizza comes in rectangles – not circles – because hey, efficiency. That’s the kind of smart we do. We don’t live in igloos, nor do we have sled dogs take us to work, although if you’re into mushing, you can do it here.

We have summer – real summer – with sun, sand, and more fresh water than you can imagine. We do the outdoors the way they’re meant to be done. Sunrise comes early, the sun sets late, and we squeeze just about everything you can imagine in between. We’re right in the middle of the Great Lakes, the mid-point of the Trans-Canada Highway, across the river from the USA, and we’re on our way to becoming the center of the lottery and gaming universe. We’re a bit isolated, but that just strengthens our resolve, and makes us that much more resilient.

We love hockey. Our kids, youth, and adults play it with pride and tenacity. Our Greyhounds are always in the hunt – they may not have hit the bigs yet, but NHL greats like Paul Coffey, Joe Thornton, Jeff Carter, and the Great One himself all wore the Red and White before they went pro. Hall of Famers like Ron Francis and Phil Esposito grew up playing the game right here in our city.

We honour our First Nations – long before this area became the city it is today, it was a hub for trading and gathering, and it has been a pivotal location for many historic events in our nation’s past. It’s a community that looks after our own, and welcomes others, like you, to join us. IF you think you’ve got what it takes to build something great.

We know this industry – we’ve been at the heart of it for over a quarter of a century, and our people live it every day. We commute to work – same as the rest of the world – but our drives are so short you don’t need a traffic report. In fact, if you got one every ten minutes, there’s a good chance you’d miss it on your drive in.

The Soo was built on hard work – first fishing and trading, then resources like water, wood, and steel, and now tech – including lottery and gaming. Regardless of the industry, ingenuity and perseverance have built our city, and will continue to see it thrive in the future. People have made The Soo what it is, and it will be people – like you – who will see it adapt, evolve and grow.

We couldn’t possibly tell you everything about what makes Sault Ste. Marie a great place to live. What we CAN tell you is that if you’re interested in a career in lottery and gaming in Canada, and are up for a bit of an adventure, we can help you to find both. HERE.